Today, the 27th of January, we are launching the last part of our campaign for the project CHAPTER: Challenging Propaganda Through Remembrance carried out by Servizio Civile Internazionale Italia in partnership with 11 other Italian and European associations. During the last year, dozens of volunteers from all over Europe have gathered both online and in presence to research, reflect on and enhance the role of resistance and international anti-fascism also with contributions from activists, historians and academics.
Launching our campaign today has not been decided randomly. Because on this Holocaust Memorial Day we want to remember that Nazi-fascism is not extinct. On the contrary, it has taken several forms and still reaps numerous victims about which little or nothing is being said.
The Holocaust Memorial Day should, in our opinion, be used to reflect on the practices of solidarity, anti-racism, anti-fascism and anti-sexism – especially in a historical phase in which heterosexual white supremacism and racism continue to pose a severe threat around the world.
Starting from today and for the next month, we will give space to different voices that will bring us the direct testimony of anti-fascist commitment in several corners of the world. We are starting with some testimonies by the historians: Davide Conti and Elia Rosati in order to discuss the meaning of the European experience of Nazi-fascism and of the subsequent developments of radical right-wing actors as well as to highlight the political value of resistance and anti-fascism.
You can watch their testimonies through this link!